Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Energize Your Body with Chia

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Chia seed may have seem to be ordinary but it is, undeniably and undoubtedly, even more than that. It has a distinct quality that elevates itself from the rest of other so-so medicinal and dietary supplements that arises in the market today.

Imagine by just simply adding it to your drinking water or your food, it will remove all your worries of having to watch carefully your diet and craving to eat more than your required meals a day. This is because of its structural and natural ability to make you feel full most of the time—and this is without even compromising your energy. In fact, it even enhances and doubles it. Dating back as far as the ancient Aztecs, chia is called the running food since it provides high energy and great endurance.

By just incorporating Chia seeds on your daily diet, you don't need to spend your money on gruesome dietary supplements, which more often than not, has only minimal effects. This is being sexy and healthy in such a natural way without depriving you the pleasures of all those mouth-watering dishes that you usually indulge your self in. Chia seeds, even if mixed or added on a certain recipe doesn't have impact to alter the food's natural taste. It even enhances its natural flavor, turning it from ordinary to a superb dish.

Aside from its culinary capabilities and benefits, chia seeds has a lot more to offer when it comes to its nutritional content. This tiny little seed is actually a great source of fiber and omega 3 fatty acids which are both good for our heart. They are also excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, & copper. In fact, chia seeds contain 6 times more calcium, 11 times more phosphorus, and 4.6 times more potassium per 100g of edible portion than does milk. Its strong anti-oxidant activity also provides you with better immunity on toxic-related diseases. It also posses 19-23% protein, higher than many other cereal grains including wheat, corn, rice, oats, & barley. It is gluten free and a great source of B vitamins. And unlike flax seed, you do not have to grind chia seeds to reap all of these benefits.

It's really amazing how this long-forgotten tiny seed can make great wonders on one's health and wellness. With its great nutritional value and medicinal properties, no wonder it has been dubbed as nature's super-food.
So now you can enjoy being healthy, fit and sexy without any hassle.

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